Custom horse hair bracelets
How do I collect my horse's tail hair? Brush the tail hair free of tangles.  Do not worry about if it is dirty we will wash and prepare your hair.  Take the inside longest hairs close to the bottom end of the tailbone.  Cut 2-3 small amounts from different places so you don't cut just one bunch.  The final amount should be about a diameter of a pencil and about 15-18" long.  Secure it with a rubber band, place in a plastic baggy and mail it to the address below.  . Horse Lovers Jewelry 14422 W. Van Tam Way Grass Valley, CA 95949 Can you provide horse tail hair if I do not have a horse? Yes, we have horse tail hair available.  You just have to let us know the color with the dropdown menu available for each bracelet design. Can you make the bracelet from more than one horse? Yes!  You can send us multiple tail hairs.  We will braid them into one bracelet. Can mane hair be used? No.  Mane hair has a different texture than tail hair and cannot be used for braiding even if it is long enough.
How do I determine my bracelet size?   Measure the largest part of your wrist and add 1".  This will be the final length of the bracelet.  Your order cannot be processed without this information. How long does it take to get my bracelet? Your custom bracelet will be shipped 1st Class approximately 14 days after we receive the hair. What happens if I don't supply enough hair? Not to worry.  We will match closely with our stock hair to finish your bracelet. If I sent too much hair what is done with the remaining? During payment checkout, you can request that extra hair be returned.   How do I care for my bracelet? Horse tail hair is very durable and can last a very long time.  Anything that would damage your own hair, such as abrasion, heat and chemicals will damage your bracelet.  If hairs start to poke out you can trim it very close to the braid without effecting the durability of the bracelet.  Gently wash beaded bracelets a few times a year, and oil can be added to leather bracelets to keep them supple. Remove jewelry before showering or swimming as chemicals can dry and damage horsehair.
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